Translated insights

The IBM Center for Applied Insights develops thought leadership studies on a variety of topics. When these are translated into additional languages, we capture them here for easy reference. If you are looking for something specific, please let us know.  You can also visit the IBM Center for Applied Insights in Japan and China.

From checkboxes to frameworks: CISO insights on moving from compliance to risk-based cybersecurity programs

Cybersecurity risk is an immense threat. It’s also a top C-suite priority, with funding for security efforts growing to reflect the gravity of the challenge. Security leaders are realising that simply ’checking the box’ to address compliance requirements is no longer a sufficient strategy. Those further up the maturity curve are transforming their programs to be truly risk-based by using a sophisticated approach to determine risks and prioritise security investments.

British English: From checkboxes to frameworks: CISO insights on moving from compliance to risk-based cybersecurity programs

French: D’une approche « case à cocher » à une approche « cadres de référence » Le point de vue des RSSI : recentrer les programmes de cybersécurité sur le risque et non la conformité

German: Von Checkboxen zu Frameworks

Italian: Dalle caselle di spunta ai framework: Le opinioni dei CISO riguardo al passaggio da programmi di conformità a programmi di sicurezza informatica basati sul rischio

Japanese: チェック・ボックスからフレームワークへ コンプライアンスからリスク・ベースのサイバーセキュリティー・プログラムへの移行に関 する CISO の洞察

Spanish: De las casillas de verificación a los marcos regulatorios: Consideraciones de los CISO sobre pasar de programas de ciberseguridad basados en la conformidad a programas basados en el riesgo

Star qualities of successful mobile development projects

To gain insight into successful mobile application development practices today, we surveyed 585 developers and development managers from nine countries. How do some projects deliver great applications? The secret lies in having the right team and the right approach.

French: Les qualités indispensables : Les facteurs de réussites des projets de développements mobiles (and presentation)

German: Starqualitäten: was für erfolgreiche Projekte zur Entwicklung mobiler Anwendungen erforderlich ist (and presentation)

Japanese: 5つ星モバイル開発:モバイル開発プロジェクトを成功させるのに必要な条件とは (and presentation)

Japanese gallery:  Successful Mobile Development Projects Japan ギャラリー

Portuguese presentation: Qualidades do estrelato: O que é preciso para que projetos de desenvolvimento móvel tenham sucesso?

Digital disruption and the future of the automotive industry

Digital services centered on increasingly empowered consumers will bring disruption to the automotive industry. Economic value within this industry and across adjacent markets will be forever altered. In a world where the future is far from certain, automotive companies will need to develop new core capabilities to survive.


Japanese: デジタル化による破壊的変革と自動車業界の未来

Teaching organizations to fish in a data-rich future: Stories from data leaders

Many organizations are still early in their journey to set up and optimize their analytics function and related capabilities. However, those that are investing in highly skilled data leaders are seeing the business benefits. To learn more, the IBM Center for Applied Insights spoke with some of these leaders to understand and share their stories.

French: L’avenir : apprenez aux entreprises à pêcher dans un océan riche de données. Etudes de cas – Gestion de données

Japanese: データの大海原で企業が成功するには

Japanese gallery: Stories from Data Leaders Japan ギャラリー

Portuguese: Ensinando organizações a pescar em um futuro rico em dados: Histórias de líderes de dados

Spanish: Enseñando a las organizaciones a pescar en un futuro mar de datos: Casos de los líderes en gestión de datos

Fortifying for the future, Insights from the 2014 IBM Chief Information Security Officer Assessment

This 2014 edition of CISO Assessment evaluates the current state of safety leadership and what they expect to leaders to deal with in the next 3-5 years. Security leaders are evolving to meet new and emerging threats.

Chinese: 2014 信息安全官调研报告

French: Gagner en force pour affronter l’avenir

Italian: Il futuro in sicurezza

Japanese: 将来の脅威に対応できる基盤 : 2014 IBM 最高情報セキュリティー責任者(CISO)アセスメントからの洞察

Portuguese: Fortificando o futuro

Spanish, Latin America: Fortaleciendo el futuro

Spanish, Spain: Fortificando el futuro

Inside the mind of Generation D

Poster size available -
Poster size available –

A new class of enterprise is emerging with a fresh approach to improving business. Generation D, is made up of data-rich, analytically driven enterprises. They understand the unique and powerful value of data and analytics, and they know how to combine that with cloud, social, and mobile.

Chinese: D 时代探秘 – 数据丰富和由分析驱动意味着什么

Japanese study: “Generation D (データ活用先進企業)” に対する洞察

Japanese brief: “Generation D”豊富なデータを分析主導で推進する企業

Japanese presentation: “Generation D (データ活用先進企業)” に対する洞察

Japanese gallery: Generation D (データ活用先進企業) Japan ギャラリー

Portuguese study: Dentro da mente da Geração D

Spanish, Latin America: Dentro de la mente de la Generación D

Cloud bound

Companies that outsource IT are eager for the benefits of cloud-and many have already begun the journey to cloud. But when you may have one or more outstanding providers, the transition can be complicated. Advice from those who’ve traveled that road can provide insight on the transition.

Japanese study: クラウドへの道

French presentation: Les liens du cloud Conseils d’entreprises sur les relations d’externalisation

Charting the social universe

Social technologies are changing the way we interact. Our research shows that enterprises are evolving by deploying five distinct clusters of social capabilities: collaboration, education, engagement, expertise and processes. How are pioneers tackling their ambitions?

Chinese (Simplified): 绘制社交宏图 – 社交战略目标促进业务影响

Chinese (Traditional): 編織社群功能的世界觀

Your chief data officer

Because of the immense opportunities, a new role is emerging in the C-suite-the chief data officer (CDO). As an agent of change, CDOs are mobilizing their organizations around an enterprise-wide data strategy , activating the use of data in new ways, and building more data-driven cultures.

Chinese: 首席数据官:重新构想企业数据的作用

Raising the game: The IBM Business Tech Trends Study

Big data and analytics, cloud, mobile and social are driving strategic opportunities. Pacesetters have three key characteristics: partnering is in their DNA, analytics is their fuel and they know how to combine the four technologies to break away from the pack.

Chinese: 将竞赛提升到新的高度 – 将竞赛提升到新的高度

Japanese study: 競争で勝ち抜くためには IBM Business Tech Trends 調査

Japanese presentation: 競争で勝ち抜くためには IBM Business Tech Trends 調査

Japanese gallery: IBM Business Tech Trends Japan ギャラリー

Portuguese study:  Raising the game: The IBM Business Tech Trends Study

Portuguese gallery: IBM Business Tech Trends Brasil – Galeria

Setting the pace in Africa

This paper showcases an IBM survey of CIOs in Africa, covering the opportunities and challenges faced when adopting emerging technologies. Some are Pacesetters that have bridged the adoption gap through strategic business leadership, IT skills development and stronger information security.

Arabic: تحديد وتيرةالعمل فيأفريقيا

French: Donner le ton en Afrique

Champions of Software as a Service: How SaaS is fueling powerful competitive advantage

This paper showcases a global IBM survey of senior decision makers whose organizations have implemented SaaS. Among survey respondents, the Pacesetters are experiencing new, broader benefits resulting in powerful competitive advantage.

Chinese study: 软件即服务的倡导者 软件即服务正在如何推动强大的竞争优势

German infographic: Einführung von SaaS: Aus der Perspektive von Trendsettern

Portuguese infographic: Adoção do SaaS: Uma perspectiva dos pioneiros

Spanish study: Campeones del Software como Servicio

Spanish infographic: Adoptar SaaS: una perspectiva pionera

A new standard for security leaders, CISO 2013

Building on the 2012 Finding a Strategic Voice IBM study, CAI interviewed 41 executives with information security responsibilities to identify behavior and practices that could strengthen the role and influence of security leaders.

Japanese: セキュリティー・リーダーのための新基準

Korean: 보안 책임자를 위한 새로운 기준

Spanish: Un nuevo estándar para los responsables de seguridad

Under Cloud Cover: How leaders are accelerating competitive differentiation

20% of organizations have discovered a secret source of competitive differentiation.It allows them to serve customers in new ways, reimagine their business models, surface valuable insights from their data and tap expertise across the enterprise. The secret: Cloud computing.

Chinese: 依托云技术:领先者如何加速实现竞争差异化优势

German : Gut aufgehoben in der Cloud paper plus infographic

Gearing up for growth

COOs responsibilities are expanding beyond cost saving and efficiency to include a growing role in raising revenues. By transforming processes, they’re providing customers more relevant experiences. Center for Applied Insights talked to COOs across industries to find out more

Korean: 성장을 위한 준비

How marketing is taking charge

To understand the impact of marketing management on business outcomes, IBM surveyed more than 500 professionals across fifteen industries. We linked responses to public financial information to see correlation between marketing sophistication and financial performance.

Chinese: 营销如何统筹全局

Spanish: El marketing entra en juego: orientar la experiencia del cliente

Fast track to the future: IBM Tech Trends

The 2012 IBM Tech Trends Report was based on a survey of 1200 technology decision makers. It showed that leading organizations are more market-driven, analytical and experimental in their attitude towards emerging technology trends. They were much more likely to adopt new technologies.  As these technologies went mainstream, the 2014 Business Tech Trends study showed that the leaders are still staying ahead with three power plays.

Spanish:  Vía rápida hacia el futuro: Informe sobre tendencias tecnológicas 2012 de IBM

Partnering strategies that matter

Outsourcing motivations have changed. So should sourcing strategies. Those who have made the shift are outperforming, with twice the revenue growth and five times the gross profit growth. To understand why and how organizations are sourcing, we conducted a survey with 1351 decision makers

French: Limportance des stratégies de partenariat

Japanese: パートナー活用戦略の重要性

Spanish: Por qué importan las estrategias de asociación

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