Through the looking glass at IDC Directions

I just got back from the IDC Directions 2015 conference in Boston. The good news is I didn’t get snowed in, the bad news is it was “wicked cold” for a southern girl. IDC took us beyond the 3rd Platform into the innovation zone. Like Alice taking that fall down the rabbit hole and ending up in unfamiliar territory, the innovation zone takes us to a place where everything as a service (EaaS) is just about possible – whether itRead more

NRF: Retailers must bridge the digital divide

Ever wonder how Retail’s Big Show earned its name? It’s home to a record-breaking 34,000 retail professionals who have all gathered in New York City for a unique, one-stop shopping experience. Fashion, technology and new ideas are all showcased at the NRF: it is a global runway for innovations sure to win over consumers.Read more

Internet of Things (IoT): Important Enabling Technologies

In my previous posts on the Internet of Things (IoT) topic, we have explored both what IoT is and how an intelligent IoT supports IBM’s vision of a Smarter Planet. While there is still much work to be done before your car ‘talks’ to other cars on the road, the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a reality thanks to advancements in underlying technologies. In this post we will take a look at two important enabling technologiesRead more

Tweeting your bank – big data, customer experience and the Cloud. A discussion with Frank DeGilio

A few months ago, Steve Rogers, Director of the IBM Center for Applied Insights, had a great discussion with Frank DiGilio, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for IBM Cloud.  Previously, we shared their discussion about collaboration and partnering. Today, we’re focusing on the the role of social and cloud for competitive advantage. Steve Rogers: Frank, have you seen Cloud change the dynamic, the boundaries, the rules of the road, or even the business models in certain industries? Frank DeGilio: Yes. I think that Cloud isRead more

Improving customer experience in action

Customer experience does not occur at a single point in time, nor is it the responsibility of a single team. We find, time and again, that creating an improved customer experience must be orchestrated across an organization, with an integrated view of all experiences. But, that’s a massive undertaking, you might say. It is, but can be gained in steps. Let’s take a look at three challenges and three types of outcomes we’ve seen in our research in the lastRead more

Were we right? Revisiting industry predictions for mobile analytics

A few weeks ago, our resident mobile analyst, Kelly Matthews, blogged about the IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge. The competition invited developers and entrepreneurs to submit ideas for mobile apps powered by IBM Watson, a breakthrough cognitive computing technology. Kelly paired her mobile expertise with the findings of our IBM Center for Applied Insights Tech Trends industry dashboard to predict which industries were likely to be represented by the Challenge finalists. She highlighted Insurance, Retail, Professional Services, Media & Entertainment,Read more