4,000 voices, three shifts, one story

Within information technology, the period between innovation and obsolescence is increasingly shrinking, and a great deal can happen over the course of a single year. To help understand that gap and its impact to business, the IBM Center for Applied Insights engaged with 3,925 people through our 2014 studies. We’ve come up with an organizing principle from those conversations: 4,000 voices, three shifts, one story. All the interviews, opinions and responses can be channeled into what IBM views as theRead more

Five key technology resolutions for 2015

When the clock rolled over to 2015, we were all faced with that annual personal dilemma: What should I resolve to achieve better or differently in the new year? Lose weight and get fitter, combat clutter and get more organized, improve my work/life balance, strengthen my relationships… the list of desired improvements goes on. But don’t forget your professional hat! What are you going to resolve this year as a technology decision maker? What resolutions are you going to commitRead more