Experiments in Agile

Several years ago, a company I previously worked for hired a team of developers to redesign our outdated website. The website had been built for a previous decade when our company, a membership-based professional network, was a free resource. Times had changed, however, and as we had decided to convert to a subscription-based model – and were now contending against formidable competitors including Facebook – we needed a redesign and new features to enhance our customer experience. Our visionary CEORead more

International Women’s Day at IBM: Global thought leadership and more

March is Women’s History Month and March 8 is International Women’s Day. Every year on this day, thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women, celebrate their achievements and encourage greater equality. A global array of diverse local activities connects women around the world: political rallies, business conferences, government activities, networking events and more, and in some countries, it is celebrated as a national holiday. I have fond memories of landing in Cusco, Peru for a projectRead more

What would Charles Darwin think of mobile?

By Susanne Hupfer and Megan McNamee According to Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection, each generation of organisms has variations, and those with traits better suited to the environment will survive — leading over time to evolutionary change. Darwin had discovered a species of bird on the Galapagos Islands very similar to the mainland finch, with one exception… their beaks. Over time, their beaks had adapted to the type of food they ate on their island home. These birds had evolvedRead more

Wearables and IoT: Putting them to work in business

This is part of Bill’s series of posts on the Internet of Things (IoT) topic Are you wearing a fitness tracker right now? Most likely you are. Gartner estimates over 70 million wearable fitness devices were shipped in 2014. But if you are like me, you are probably wondering what the future looks like for applications of not only wearable fitness trackers, but other types of wearables in consumer and business markets.Read more