IBM Executive Interview, Mike Rhodin [Biz Leader Latte]

“Watson can achieve in nine minutes what it would take 30 doctors a month to do…we’re actually revolutionizing entire industries and professions with Watson” – Mike Rhodin, Sr VP, IBM Watson Group Leslieanne John, P-TECH student and IBM CAI intern, conducted a series of executive interview posts exploring topics such as the technical skills necessary for business today and preparing students for the future.  She also looked into technical skills gaps and how technology integrates with education.  Her fourth interviewRead more

IBM Insight: Real-time data transforming the world

Last week I had the opportunity to attend IBM Insight in Las Vegas.  Insight is IBM’s annual conference focused on Big Data & Analytics and is one of IBM’s largest annual conferences with nearly 13,000 attendees spread over 1500 sessions and labs.  The theme for this year was ‘Seize This Moment,’ alluding to the transformative impact of data on business and the world.Read more

Transforming the Healthcare industry with a foundation of information

In 1961, IBM created the first electronic health record (EHR) system at Akron Children’s Hospital in Boardman, Ohio. Roughly 50 years later, ~80% of office-based physicians use some type of EHR. With the increased availability of data, healthcare technology is evolving faster than ever before. What does all this technological progress really mean for our future medical visits – especially if today’s run-of-the-mill patient faces the same journey that he/she may have experienced many years ago? Read more