Curing the cloud skills gap? It pays to partner

Healthcare organizations have historically been skeptical about cloud computing, primarily because of privacy and security concerns. Fast forward to modern day, and healthcare is one of the industries leading the way in terms of rising cloud investment levels, according to the IBM Business Tech Trends study. The study indicates that, among healthcare providers, investment in cloud computing is increasing faster than in analytics, mobile or social. But there’s a looming complication.Read more

Apprehensive about cloud security? You’re not alone

We all get that feeling when we board an airplane: We know it’s safe and we know we’ll get there, but that lingering doubt in the back of our minds or in the pit of our stomachs is always there as we take off. I think the same sentiment applies to organizations using the cloud. The 2014 IBM Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Assessment survey shows that the fear of losing control or ownership is the main reason why manyRead more