Curing the cloud skills gap? It pays to partner

Healthcare organizations have historically been skeptical about cloud computing, primarily because of privacy and security concerns. Fast forward to modern day, and healthcare is one of the industries leading the way in terms of rising cloud investment levels, according to the IBM Business Tech Trends study. The study indicates that, among healthcare providers, investment in cloud computing is increasing faster than in analytics, mobile or social. But there’s a looming complication.Read more

Clouds take on an industry shape

At the recent 2015 IDC Directions conference in Boston, I heard Scott Lundstrom speak on business transformation and industry clouds. What was particularly compelling about his examples was the extent of the transformation and the first-mover advantage generated by deploying an industry platform via the cloud. In fact, IDC predicts that these types of industry platforms will disrupt one-third of the top 20 market leaders in most industries by 2018.Read more

Adding cloud to your IT outsourcing contract? Here’s where to begin

“…a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” —Lao Tzu   What would the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu know about helping companies that outsource IT move to the cloud?  It turns out quite a bit. Lao Tzu’s observation that every journey must begin with a single step offers sage advice for companies that have yet to incorporate cloud into their outsourcing contracts. But what should that first step be?Read more