12 places to find great content (and thank you!)

As of today, we will no longer be publishing new content on this blog, but you can still access the archives by clicking on the navigation above.

Going forward, check out these 12 great places to find content related to the topics previously covered on this blog. We appreciate your support and look forward to connecting with you in these new places.

By topic:

1 – Big Data
2 – Analytics   social_icons-02_Blog
3 – Cloud social_icons-02_Blog
4 – Mobile social_icons-02_Blog
5 – Social business social_icons-02_Blog
6 – Security social_icons-02_Blog
7 – Emerging trends (Watson) social_icons-02_Blog
8 – Emerging trends (IoT) social_icons-02_Blog
9 – Emerging trends (Research) social_icons-02_Blog
10 – Leadership (HR) social_icons-02_Blog
11 – Leadership (Marketing) social_icons-02_Blog
12 – Industries


1 response to 12 places to find great content (and thank you!)

  1. ecornillon says:

    It’s tough to see this farewell message, but I also know the people behind these posts will continue to share their insights and expertise in any venue possible. Thank you!


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