Want to unleash your data’s value? Start using APIs.

There’s no shortage of ideas on how data and analytics can improve operational efficiency, increase customer engagement, and create new revenue streams. But many companies still struggle with making their data accessible to employees, partners, and customers. It’s one of the reasons Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have received a great deal of attention from the data-rich and analytically driven enterprises we call Generation D. These interfaces are fast becoming the bridge to making data accessible and enabling new business opportunities.

Think of a river. On one side sits your data—on the other, your employees, partners and customers. How will you get your data across the river to those who need it? Will you need to build a new bridge every time you want to share product information with a new partner?

APIs enable you to present your data as a service so you don’t have to “reinvent the bridge” every time. Through a single API, you can eliminate the manual on-boarding of partners to give them fast, easy access to product data. You can go to market with new data-driven services more quickly. And you can easily share your data with developers and other innovators, internally and externally, as you look to identify new market opportunities.

Despite their technical nature, APIs simplify the process of making data accessible. It’s why Generation D enterprises are almost twice as likely to use APIs as their peers, and why API discussions are making their way to the corporate boardroom.

But as business leaders, what do you need to know about APIs? Understanding how Generation D enterprises use APIs can provide new ideas on how to leverage data to improve business outcomes.

Our brief guide, Unlocking the value of data with APIs, shares how Generation D enterprises commonly use APIs to achieve their business goals, and highlights the ROI they’re reporting.

Generation Data enterprises improve business outcomes with APIs. In particular, these enterprises feel APIs provide their organization with increased reach, agility, and speed.

If your organization already uses APIs and you’d like to know where you stand, take this short assessment. It only takes a few minutes and can provide you with valuable insight based on best practices.

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