Fast trains and secret recipes for mobile dev

Remember those horrid math word problems in elementary school – the ones where train A leaves the station at noon traveling 40 mph, train B leaves the station at 1:20 traveling 60 mph, and you had to figure out which train got you to the destination first? In the fourth grade, quite frankly, did anyone care? I wish I had paid more attention because now, in terms of technology, it seems everyone wants to be on the fast train. No one wants to get left at the station…especially in the world of mobile computing.

Mobile is changing the way the world operates. Consumers are embracing this technology throughout their lives. CEOs are acknowledging that it can fundamentally change the way their employees work, their company operates and how they engage with their customers. The entire world has entered the mobile era, and it is moving at warp speed. How do you keep up?

Organizations are establishing teams and giving them the mission of creating and deploying mobile applications that are not only effective and efficient but also provide an outstanding customer experience. This is a daunting task, especially when you consider that experienced mobile application developers are hard to find. Lack of skill, an increased demand for mobile apps from the business side of the organization and the need for tools that provide a great user interface and optimize the user experience are all reasons companies are turning to mobile application development platforms (MADPs).

But who is really using these platforms? It turns out it’s the star performers!

In a recent survey of 585 mobile focused developers and development managers, the IBM Center for Applied Insights found that successful mobile development projects – the 33 percent that fully achieved budget, schedule and project objectives – include MADPs as part of their secret recipe. These winning teams were 31 percent more likely to use MADPs to develop their applications.


Check out the full study to learn about the other three factors that are key to keeping your mobile project on track!

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