Integrate testing into mobile dev – or pay the piper

If you caught our last post, we introduced you to Social Signals, a new blog series that shares topics we’re following in social conversations. These Signals are intended to be shared and discussed, so tell us what you think.

Recently, we analyzed over 50,000 conversations across Twitter, and various blogs and forums, to find out what people were doing to develop successful mobile applications. Of the many signals we picked up on, in this post, we wanted to explore the signal about integrating testing throughout the application development process.

IBMCAI-social-signalsThere is a race to deliver apps faster than ever before. Some of this pressure is from end users and some from management. However, the rationale behind the push is the same: drive profits faster. Unfortunately, conflicts can arise over speed and quality, and the moneymaker you planned on could become fantasy.

Almost 65 percent of the conversations we listened to around Project Management Practices commented on the need for, and benefits of, integrating test into the development cycle versus testing at the end, or worse yet, skipping it altogether.

Advocates for integrated testing shared some opinions across social network conversations, including:

  • With the right tools and methodologies in place, integrated testing will fit the budget and schedule
  • Even if under pressure to speed delivery, organizations can still put out code with fewer defects
  • Considering new approaches – like automated testing – can save even more time and money

The signal? New requirements and user expectations call for new approaches. If you suspect that your project will be on the fast track, start with an Agile process that integrates test from the get-go and reap the benefits of a well-designed application after launch. Then rinse and repeat.

If you have recently begun to integrate testing during mobile application development, tell us what benefits or challenges you’ve experienced. We want to hear from you!

Read more about some of the other signals from this analysis, and tell us about your experiences by using #IBMsocialsignals in your reply.

To learn more about mobile app development, check out the research study by the IBM Center for Applied Insights on what it takes to run a successful mobile project

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