Two reasons you should care about Digital Learning Day

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Generation Z is a cohort of people born in the 2000s, after the Millennials. This is a generation that does not know life without the Internet; much like the younger members of the millennial generation, they are authentic digital natives. Ever wonder how teachers, school leaders, and district teams provide the best learning resources for the digital natives in the twenty-first century?

March 13th marked Digital Learning Day—providing the education sector a platform to showcase the best and most innovative digital learning. In 2015, education programs have become technology heavyweights; schools across the world are integrating digital learning into day-to-day classroom curriculum. Take the United Kingdom as an example: in 2014, the British government overhauled the way it teaches computing to the country’s children by adding mandatory programming classes. In other words, every student would soon become bi-lingual—both in human and computer languages. It surely will come in handy!

The education sector is also leveraging social capabilities to build a more meaningful system for teachers and students. Social has become an integral component of learning, as educators understand the importance of engaging members of the new generation through their native tongue: social collaboration and technology. Social helps educators and students foster new ways of expression and communication.

Education’s use of social points up why you should care about Digital Learning Day, even though you probably thought “Gen Z” was a fictitious title until now. Within this sphere of social technologies, there are two distinctive reasons to care:

social quotable build company culture sharing1. Social digital technologies are changing the way we interact

Social technology is a key driver for fostering internal and external collaboration. It goes beyond individual communications.

2. Many don’t know where social can take them

Understanding and leveraging technologies are not just for Millennials and Gen Z—Digital Learning Day is for everyone. Individuals, organizations and leaders alike can unlock many synergies through the practical applications of social technology. Social drives collaboration, understanding and engagement and mines community expertise. Learn more about what businesses aim to accomplish through social technology in the IBM Center for Applied Insights study, Charting the social universe.

For more information on Digital Learning Day (#DLDay), visit the Alliance for Excellent Education website.

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