Clouds take on an industry shape

At the recent 2015 IDC Directions conference in Boston, I heard Scott Lundstrom speak on business transformation and industry clouds. What was particularly compelling about his examples was the extent of the transformation and the first-mover advantage generated by deploying an industry platform via the cloud. In fact, IDC predicts that these types of industry platforms will disrupt one-third of the top 20 market leaders in most industries by 2018.Read more

One of DC’s sexiest jobs: The Chief Data Officer

A few years ago, Dr. DJ Patil, who was recently named the first U.S.Chief Data Scientist, co-wrote a Harvard Business Review article introducing the data scientist as “the sexiest job of the 21st century.” “If ‘sexy’ means having rare qualities that are much in demand,” Patil, a veteran of such hot tech companies as Salesforce, eBay, Skype, PayPal and LinkedIn, and his colleague Thomas Davenport wrote, “data scientists are already there.” In Washington today, the same can be said aboutRead more