Brands partnering creatively with startups: A discussion with Evol8tion Gina Waldhorn

One of the key findings from the Business Tech Trends study is that Pacesetters use partnerships to stay ahead of rapidly changing markets.  They not only partner more – they partner more creatively. A few months ago, Steve Rogers, Director of the IBM Center for Applied Insights, had a great discussion with Gina Waldhorn, COO of Evol8tion, about how brands are partnering with start-ups. Evol8tion specializes in matching major brands with start-ups to drive innovation.Read more

Make the most of your data: Inspirations from Generation D

A few years ago, when ConAgra Mills looked to optimize production across its mills, company executives turned to what might seem an unlikely source—the airline industry. But for ConAgra executives, the parallels were clear. An airline with empty seats loses revenue just like a mill with an empty production line. How airlines filled their seats offered ConAgra executives fresh ideas for managing capacity utilization across its mills.Read more

Ground rules: the role of governments in cybersecurity

You know an issue is of global importance if a major national leader emphasizes it in his most widely broadcast speech of the year. So when President Barack Obama in his recent State of the Union address mentioned the need for better cybersecurity at home and abroad, it was an indication that IT threats—and how governments handle them—are a growing area of concern.Read more