What Do Monty Python and Social Business Have in Common? [IBM Social Business post]

Remember Monty Python and the Holy Grail? When the mythical king of the Britons leads his knights on a quest for the Holy Grail, they face a wide array of horrors, including a persistent Black Knight, a three-headed giant, a cadre of shrubbery-challenged knights, the perilous Castle Anthrax, a killer rabbit and more. The Holy Grail is the ultimate end game, the highest pursuit … but there are obstacles along the way!  Those of you traveling the social business journey understand this pursuit.  There are many different paths that companies are currently taking to help them find their way in the social space. IBM conducted a study, “Charting the Social Universe,” in which we investigated how companies navigate this social journey. What we discovered was that companies tended to deploy groups of social capabilities together. We call these clusters “social ambitions.”

The last ambition, “improve business processes,” is what most companies ultimately want to do, and social capabilities will help them do it. Companies realize that by improving their processes they can reduce costs and increase sales. What’s not to love?

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