Collab Isn’t Just for YouTube Video Artists [IBM Social Business post]

My teenage daughter is under 18, which means that she is a ”digital native.” While I may have learned how to use and am now an avid user of social technologies, my daughter never had to learn—her generation, often referred to as ”Generation Z,” is growing up immersed in them. So I usually learn something new from her every time she shows me what’s on her iPod.

This past weekend she showed me a video that really caught my attention because she referred to it as a “collab.” Since this was a video of several talented YouTube artists who had come together to create a song, I understood immediately that she meant “collaboration.” What really struck me was the idea that these artists, who shared similar talent, must have found and connected with each other through social, and then come together to “collab” on a project that would be beneficial to all of them. In fact, YouTube collaborations are an integral part of the YouTuber community, and it is basically when two or more YouTubers create video content together for mutual benefit, such as growing their audience (sources REELSEO and Vlog Nation). YouTubers who are interested in producing a collab have a variety of community oriented options to seek out and find potential partners to produce a collaboration video project with, including the official YouTube community for video creators.

Enterprises face the same need to find and tap into expertise across their ecosystem.  A recent study by the IBM Center for Applied Insights discovered that the pioneers were evolving by going after their goals with five groups of social capabilities, known as “social ambitions”.  One of these ambitions is “mine community expertise”.

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