Five reasons to thank your Chief Data Officer

For those of you fortunate enough to have a Chief Data Officer (CDO) in your organization – whether pegged with that formal title or operating under a similar pseudonym – it’s time to give thanks.  Data has become a new natural resource for enterprises. And businesses that can effectively architect, analyze and act on it are finding new ways to compete.Read more

IoT (Internet of Things) will go nowhere without cloud computing and big data analytics

This is part of Bill’s series of posts on the Internet of Things (IoT) topic In my last post on this topic, I discussed how advances in connectivity and networks and in sensor and microprocessor design are helping to make the future of the Internet of Things a reality. In this post, I’ll cover two other important technology trends that are enabling the Internet of Things: cloud computing and big data/analytics.Read more

[Datagram] How to make IT decisions #IBMBTT

Leading companies are 2.5x more likely to engage start-ups for their IT decisions. As part of a #TechTuesday series, we will be sharing one datagram per week from the IBM Business Tech Trends study.  These are actual data facts from the study.  And how do YOU make IT decisions?Read more

Excellence Is Never an Accident: Building a Smarter Workforce [IBM Social Business post]

Every summer I work with my neighbors gearing up for our neighborhood charity event BCC Rally for the Cure benefiting the Susan G Komen foundation. My neighborhood started this 10 years ago with one event – a women’s golf outing – and now it spans seven major events over the course of a week. As the BCC Rally expanded so did our need for great workers. We needed workers who could be brought on board and trained quickly to assistRead more

IBM Executive Interview, Mike Rhodin [Biz Leader Latte]

“Watson can achieve in nine minutes what it would take 30 doctors a month to do…we’re actually revolutionizing entire industries and professions with Watson” – Mike Rhodin, Sr VP, IBM Watson Group Leslieanne John, P-TECH student and IBM CAI intern, conducted a series of executive interview posts exploring topics such as the technical skills necessary for business today and preparing students for the future.  She also looked into technical skills gaps and how technology integrates with education.  Her fourth interviewRead more