[QUOTES] Cloud Epiphany Cartoon Italy #IBMBTT

IBM BTT Cloud Epiphany Quote CartoonWhat was your ‘AHA’ moment?  The instant you realized the value of cloud.

As part of a #FridayFun series, we will be sharing one cartoon quote per week from the IBM Business Tech Trends study.  These are actual quotes from the study respondents on when they first realized the value of cloud computing.  And what was YOUR AHA moment for cloud?

IBM BTT Cloud Epiphany Quote Cartoon

Download PDF of cartoon – IBMBTT_Cloud_Cartoon_Quote_Italy

–Posted by Julie Yamamoto, Social Media Strategist, IBM Center for Applied Insights

1 response to [QUOTES] Cloud Epiphany Cartoon Italy #IBMBTT

  1. Amar Trivedi says:

    Hi Julie, great post! A series on tech geeky humour is a brilliant idea. I’m with you on this one! Cloud, social, mobile, data, analytics… Keep em coming 😉 Btw, HBR recently started a caption contest! Smart way to crowdsource funny ideas. Harvest the funny side of IBMers and i’m sure you’ll find some gems. Looking forward to hearing more funny ones from your geeky side 😉 Cheers!


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