Gartner Symposium & #IBMSocialStudy – Impact of the Digital World

IntegrationI was fortunate enough this year to get to the 2014 Gartner Symposium in Orlando, Florida.  The theme of the conference was the impact of the digital world and the disruption it creates within the technology industry, business and society in general. With the blurring of social, cloud, mobile and information the world changes.  What information we can gather, what we do with it and how we share it takes on a level of complexity that didn’t exist ten years ago.

Image credit: Gartner

The people we hire need to be the right people, and we need to find them easily and quickly.  The customers are more demanding; they want what they want, when they want it, and on their device of choice.  Employee and partner collaboration will be essential to successful businesses and existing processes are going to change to accommodate all this disruption.  Are we ready?  Gartner analysts say that:

  • 38% of IT spend is outside of IT
  • CEO’s rank talent and skill as their top constraint to business growth
  • By 2017 more than 50% of consumer product and service R&D investments will be redirected to customer experience innovations
  • 90% of digital business leaders say talent will make or break success

ColleaguesSo how do companies ensure they are doing all the right things to prepare for this socially engaged digital world?  These Gartner statistics complement the findings of the IBM study launched on September 30, 2014.  “Charting the social universe” shows that enterprises evolve into new social organizations by deploying five distinct groups of capabilities.  These “social ambitions” are not listed by level of importance.  The order in which you deploy them depends on your company’s social journey.  The five are:

  • Driving internal and external collaboration
  • Building, educating and protecting the workforce
  • Understanding and engaging customers
  • Mining community expertise
  • Improving business processes


This study was based on responses from a survey of 372 senior executives responsible for choosing or deploying social capabilities. It contains valuable insights you can use and share with members of your network. Use it to help them identify where to begin and how to solve the challenges involved in going social.  There’s a summary deck, video, picture book and more. For the complete set of assets click here.  Start your social journey today!


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