Riding the social technology rocket ship #IBMSocialStudy

Are you sitting on the social technologies launch pad, poised for takeoff? Already soaring in digital engagement? Or still working out how to build a starship? Social technology adoption has more than doubled in the past two years, and leading enterprises are achieving a wide range of objectives from social capabilities (Source:  IBM Business Tech Trends Study).  But it’s a long way to the stars – and the path is not always clear.Read more

Software as a Service is heating up industries #SaaS

Although the New York weather is cooling down, the benefits of Software as a Service are heating up. Members of the technology world know that SaaS is a hot topic – the SaaS market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 20.2% in 2012-2017, reaching US$45.6 billion by 2017. Why are so many companies adopting SaaS?Read more

Explore Business Tech Trends By Industry in Big Data & Analytics, Cloud, Mobile, Social #IBMBTT

You can now explore the 2014 Business Tech Trends study findings from an industry perspective and compare it to the 2012 data for trends. Within each technology area (Big Data & Analytics, Cloud, Mobile, Social), you can interactively investigate adoption rates, investment levels and skill shortages by industry to see how your industry compares. If you’d like to share an insight about what you find, you can embed any view you choose into your own blog posts or web pages.Read more

What does your organization use for fuel: Intuition or Insight?

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” – Sherlock Holmes As part of my job with the IBM Center for Applied Insights, I often spend hours on end –days even – with my head deep in data. I like to call it “data spelunking” – like a miner deep in underground caves, I explore, perform repeated analyses, and chisel away until data sets reveal their precious gems.  The latest study undertaken by my team, The 2014Read more

Africa – A Growing Opportunity

We all know that dreaded sight when you return from vacation: the imminent swelling number of emails in your inbox. Now imagine 6 months of unread emails. I was fortunate to have the support of my IBM team to take a leave of absence to pursue an opportunity as a volunteer consultant for an NGO called TechnoServe in Tanzania. Yet in the midst of the 1000+ emails, there was one email that caught my eye and energized my spirit. TheRead more

IBM Executive Interview, Jon Iwata [Biz Leader Latte]

“Initiate something that no one expects you to do and really try.” – Jon Iwata, IBM Sr VP, Marketing and Communications Leslieanne John, P-TECH student and IBM CAI intern, is conducting a series of executive interview posts exploring topics such as the technical skills necessary for business today and preparing students for the future.  She’ll also be looking into technical skills gaps and how technology integrates with education.  Her third interview was with Jon Iwata, IBM Senior Vice President, MarketingRead more