The next phase of the Internet: The Internet of Things

Early phases of the Internet included connecting people to static information and more recently, people to people.   Over the next decade, the Internet will evolve to connect people to physical things and also physical things to other physical things …all in real time. It will become the Internet of Things:  Billions of interconnected smart devices measuring, moving, and acting upon, sometimes independently, all the bits of data that make up daily life.Read more

IBM CAI Global Cloud Study Mentioned in Forbes

The IBM Center for Applied Insights Global Cloud study was mentioned in this recent Forbes article about how the next phase of cloud computing is shifting from an IT to a business focus.  Cloud computing has been well established as an IT solution, with key advantages that are fairly easy to measure such as cost savings, efficiency gains, etc.  However, measuring value to the business becomes a bit trickier.  The IBM Center for Applied Insights Global Cloud study established dataRead more

[INFOGRAPHIC] Fighting Hunger… One Infographic at a Time

At the IBM Center for Applied Insights, we could probably create data visualizations, infographics, and datagrams in our sleep. Cloud Pacesetters? Marketing Scientists? Chief Information Security Officers? No problem. But this week, we faced an exciting new challenge. Along with our broader Market Insights team, we participated in “Hack Week”, a competition to create the best infographic for a great cause, the West Side Campaign Against Hunger (WSCAH). A bit about the cause – West Side Campaign Against Hunger’s missionRead more

[Infographic] The proof is in the data

In a world where not just people but systems, devices and physical objects are all communicating at unprecedented levels, generating more data than most of us can imagine, leaders are wondering how best to harness it all. Can they use big data and hyper-connectivity to drive better financial results? The short answer is, yes.Read more

Cloud investment: South Africa and India going all in

As the saying goes, talk is cheap. To determine a company’s real priorities, take a look at its investments. With that in mind, the IBM Center for Applied Insights dug a little deeper into the data behind the IBM Global Cloud Study, Under Cloud Cover, to examine regional differences in investment. We found that 80% of South Africa respondents and 78% of India respondents plan to increase investment in cloud computing over the next two years, outstripping spenders across NorthRead more

Advice from the C-suite’s newest members: Chief Data Officers

Last week, I attended Innovation Enterprise’s Chief Data Officer (CDO) Summit in San Francisco. A leading group of CDOs joined with aspiring CDOs and industry experts for two days of presentations, workshops, and networking. It was fascinating to hear CDOs share their insights on how they are moving beyond why organizations need a point of accountability for enterprise data management to how to get started and what projects to initiate for greatest impact. As one CDO put it, making theRead more

Pharma excels at SaaS three-legged race

As the weather warms up here in the U.S., it’s time for picnics, school fairs and field days. And you know what that means: three-legged races. When you really think about it, a three-legged “race” is about collaboration as much as it is speed. It’s about working in unison toward a particular goal. The better you collaborate, the faster you can go. So what do three-legged races have to do with software-as-a-service and the pharmaceutical industry?Read more