Smarter Policing Infographic

This study – based on data relating to 56 police agencies from around the world and the communities they serve – suggests the potential returns for rapidly developing economies can be dramatic, on average almost double those of their mature economy peers. The study identifies four distinct profiles of police agency in rapidly developing economies and shows that each should prioritize different investments and anticipate different profiles of agency and societal benefits.Read more

Smarter Public Safety Infographic

Police, emergency services and disaster response agencies need to adapt to a new operating environment: the public expects quick and effective responses to an evolving range of threats, yet funds are increasingly difficult to secure; where more and more information is at agencies’ disposal, yet up to 80 percent of it is unstructured and the vast majority is little more than noise.  What is needed is a new, smarter approach, where masses of data can be transformed into insight, improvedRead more

Transforming the Healthcare industry with a foundation of information

In 1961, IBM created the first electronic health record (EHR) system at Akron Children’s Hospital in Boardman, Ohio. Roughly 50 years later, ~80% of office-based physicians use some type of EHR. With the increased availability of data, healthcare technology is evolving faster than ever before. What does all this technological progress really mean for our future medical visits – especially if today’s run-of-the-mill patient faces the same journey that he/she may have experienced many years ago? Read more

Today’s grads are tomorrow’s CEOs: Why cybersecurity education is so important

May is filled with college graduations. Commencement speeches will reflect on what students have accomplished, and what lies ahead. As I walk through the university campus where I teach, I can’t help but think about what our students will face as they move into the workforce. Every day, we hear about a new security threat — from viruses to application vulnerabilities to fraud and cybercrime. To say that it’s a challenging time for business and security leaders is an understatement.Read more

Customer experience: Getting beyond table stakes

This week, at the Smarter Commerce Summit, “customer experience” is a hot topic. Whether they’re doing anything about it or not, retailers instinctively know experience impacts loyalty, and loyalty keeps customers buying. Forrester Research analyst Harley Manning has long argued it’s the only thing that matters. His premise: “The only source of competitive advantage is the one that can survive technology-fueled disruption: an obsession with customer experience.” Read more

Improving customer experience in action

Customer experience does not occur at a single point in time, nor is it the responsibility of a single team. We find, time and again, that creating an improved customer experience must be orchestrated across an organization, with an integrated view of all experiences. But, that’s a massive undertaking, you might say. It is, but can be gained in steps. Let’s take a look at three challenges and three types of outcomes we’ve seen in our research in the lastRead more

Were we right? Revisiting industry predictions for mobile analytics

A few weeks ago, our resident mobile analyst, Kelly Matthews, blogged about the IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge. The competition invited developers and entrepreneurs to submit ideas for mobile apps powered by IBM Watson, a breakthrough cognitive computing technology. Kelly paired her mobile expertise with the findings of our IBM Center for Applied Insights Tech Trends industry dashboard to predict which industries were likely to be represented by the Challenge finalists. She highlighted Insurance, Retail, Professional Services, Media & Entertainment,Read more