Structure for marketing insight

How can you allocate resources more effectively? Market forecasting tools can tell you how business your company is winning and your aggregate market share. But what if you want to know how much of each client’s business you’re winning? That’s the question we at IBM set out to answer several years ago.Read more

Challenges can guide the future of enterprise application development

Within the IBM Center for Applied Insights (CAI), I’ve begun an additional research path on enterprise mobile application development. To share and solidify my thinking, I’ll be posting some insights and early observations here. According to the latest IBM Tech Trends study involving more than 1,200 technology decision makers, 69 percent of the respondents indicated that they increased their investments in mobility during the past year. Moreover, 63% of IT buyers say applications— with an internal or external use—are their highest priority mobility projects. Read more

When data doesn’t agree with your gut

What do you do when your insights challenge prevailing beliefs? That’s the question we faced at IBM in 2007 when a brand new forecasting tool we’d developed started spitting out projections that conflicted with our other forecasts. For our paper, “Marketing Science: From Descriptive to Prescriptive,” we looked at IBM’s own experiences to learn about the challenges and advantages that relying on data can create.Read more