Do you have a holiday wishlist for cloud?

At the 2013 IBM Cloud Innovation Forum in Phoenix, we invited conference attendees to complete these three sentences (which were based on themes from the recent IBM Center for Applied Insights Global Cloud Study):

  • I want cloud to help me strategically reinvent ______________.
  • I want cloud to help me make better decisions in ______________ part of my business.
  • I want cloud to drive deeper collaboration across ______________.

Using their input as inspiration, an artist illustrated the crowd’s cloud wish list – which areas of the business they’re targeting for reinvention, where they’d like to drive better decisions and which types of collaboration they want to strengthen.

ibm cloud connect_imagethink_collaboration

Given the holiday season, why not take some time to think about the gifts cloud could shower on your organization? Where could cloud enable a new business strategy? Which decisions could you improve with cloud-based analytics? Where could cloud-enabled collaboration enhance business processes and drive better results?

Then as you’re making your New Year’s resolutions for 2014, figure out how to turn this wish list into reality. As the cloud study shows, leading companies aren’t settling simply for greater efficiency from cloud; they’re using cloud to compete on a higher plane.


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