Do you have a holiday wishlist for cloud?

At the 2013 IBM Cloud Innovation Forum in Phoenix, we invited conference attendees to complete these three sentences (which were based on themes from the recent IBM Center for Applied Insights Global Cloud Study): I want cloud to help me strategically reinvent ______________. I want cloud to help me make better decisions in ______________ part of my business. I want cloud to drive deeper collaboration across ______________. Using their input as inspiration, an artist illustrated the crowd’s cloud wish listRead more

Even security leaders get the blues

I’ve had the privilege of working with IBM’s Security Systems and Services teams over the past two years looking at the evolution of security leadership and what security leaders, like the CISO, are going to need to look like in the future. We’ve also looked at leading practices in cybersecurity education and we’ve identified essential security practices for CIOs based on our experiences at IBM.Read more