The right answers only come from good questions

At the IBM Center for Applied Insights, we’re always searching for new best practices to share with IBM, our clients, and the rest of the world.  Which is why, at a recent team meeting, we gathered to discuss a new article from McKinsey. In “The do-or-die questions boards should ask about technology”, McKinsey outlines nine questions all boards should be posing to their company management in order to be “technology winners”. You’ll probably notice that few of these questions focus on the technology – they focus on how to get business value fromRead more

Mind the (skills) gap!

What gap? We hear a lot of chatter about a growing IT skills gap, both here in the US and globally.  A recent New York Times article provided some statistics that were both frightening and illuminating. Approximately 20 percent of American adults don’t use the Internet at home, work, or school, and don’t own a web-enabled mobile device. While the government has funded a $7 billion effort to expand Internet access across the country, there has been little to no increase in adoption.Read more